• Yes, dashboards are really this simple to use.
  • Because we do not have all day to figure out our portfolio like Wall Street does.
  • Free (no time limits, no credit cards) account available!

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You can sign up for 1 week of free Premium Level service to test drive all of the features! Get the free week here: Special Free Offer.
ID Logo Investor Dashboards
A trusted brand, built to support its users.
Community Driven Community Driven
Our community can suggest changes and features, then the community votes on what we work on next...
Cross Platform Cross Platform
Use what you have availabe.
Cloud Based Cloud Based
No downloads, all data is stored and access from one place - not limiting you to the devices you have with you.
Customize Customized To You
You choose how things are seen and grouped. You chose how you present information.
ID Help Help systems
Help when you need it. From a help system, to a community driven Q&A page.
Free Account We offer free accounts, as well as paid accounts.
See our offerings on the Account Types page and see what account fits you best.

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