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If you’re like most people, you’re working from multiple reports at multiple brokerages or retirement accounts, trying to understand what’s happening in your portfolio and (more importantly) what to do about it. You do this while also trying to juggle watchlists and how they perform against your owned investments...

While your brain may be sharp, it shouldn’t be the glue that holds all of this information together.

With our product, you can see the data in a single, personalized dashboard.
  • You can also choose to have multiple dashboards - all showing different things!
  • You control the look at feel of your dashboards
  • You determine what investments go in what order and on what list
  • Not limited to certain brokerages or account types - we do not link to brokerages
  • We are NOT a brokerage company - we are in the business of providing you good data to make decisions

Our community is what is important to us.

Keep in mind, we are users as well!

  • This is a community driven site, users make suggestions and other users vote for items to be implemented
  • Have an idea for a dashboard? We might be able to custom create it for free!
  • Unique charts that allow you to quickly see if it is time to sell
  • Other, unique, custom content available as well

Providing value to our community is our goal!

  • Free accounts available, no credit cards required to sign up
  • Multiple levels of paid accounts that unlock additional features as your needs grow
  • We do not sell your information! Your information is safe with us (we do not collect much anyway)
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