New Server, More Options and Options Charting

System Updates

Last weekend we upgraded to a new server. All transitioned smoothly and we have been seeing much improved server response times (faster page loads) all week from the monitoring system.

New (but Old) Dashboards

The old system of trying to merge two charting systems (Big Charts and Yahoo for example) is starting to go away. When you log in next, you will see some new options in the menu system for Big Chart specific dashboards.

Look next to Large Charts (New) ->.

With that comes a lot of options and flexibility that was not previously possible when trying to code for two charts types on one page. Over the next weeks I will also breakout Yahoo Big Charts as well... This will add many options to those charts as well.

With this separation, you are now also able to cleanly chart stock options!

In order for you to chart it, you must know the Big Charts option symbol. Here is a quick way to find it, of you do not already know how:

Go to:
Enter a symbol and click "Basic Chart"
Abover the "Open Price", click on "Options Chain"
Click on "Quote" for the option you are looking for...
Wala! You now have the symbol for the option... Enter this as a normal ticker in our system.

In case you have not tried them , we also added new chart types that help better visualize a ticker list profitability... Try them out and give some feedback!

I hope these changes improve your visibility and success...

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