About investor | dashboards

About investor | dashboards

Investor Dashboards Mission

To provide normal investors with an actionable, customizable and web based investment dashboard solution; while also being a conduit to single click deeper level detail when it is desired.

Investor Dashboards Goals

We'd like millions of other people to find and use this site, and stay part of the community. Therefore, we have committed to making this a user driven site in order to evolve and stay relevant to the user community. Suggestions are voted on by the user community in order to ensure that the community gets what it needs from the service. We will, however, limit our implementations to those in support of our focus (investor dashboards) so that we can focus on being the best at what we do for our users and not dilute / provide less value by doing things outside of our mission.


--- Be self sustaining - the site must be able to pay for itself (including enhancements).

--- Be mission focused - the site must stay within the mission parameters in order to focus on being the best at what we do.

--- Be community driven - the site must listen to user needs / experiences and improve where possible.

--- Be a knowledge resource - take the time to deliver knowledge because it helps the user community.

--- Be human - allow people to help each other within the scope of the mission and the user community.

Investor Dashboards Background

Investor Dashboards are meant to help people get the amount of information they want, in a single place - rather than companies overloading them with information from multiple points. The product simplifies the tracking process and is customized to the user...

The site was created to be a simple tool to show us a lot of information in a short time. For people who are not heavy traders, we do not want to pay thousands of dollars for the kinds of software that provides these types of services. This is meant to be something that is as easy to understand - as easy as the dashboard of our cars. The online brokerages are nice, but way too bloated to provide much of a quick big picture view and provide fast decision making information. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and others also have great finance pages, and we link to them because of the massive amounts of data they have, but they are nothing like this site.

The site was created to solve a problem and it is used daily by the creators. We wanted an easy way to find out what we need to look into - not be forced to look (page by page) at more than we wanted just to find out we did not need to look at any of it in the first place.

The site is improved regularly - trying to provide additional value to all of us regular folks. We have a suggestion box and a trouble ticket system in place to make sure we are supportive and responsive...

About The Owner


I am a husband, parent and a military veteran. I am married to my high school sweetheart. More kids that we care to count! I enjoy traveling, cooking, cooking out, traveling, wine tasting and spending time with my wife and kids (and now grand kid).

I completed a B.S. and an M.B.A. while working full time (post military) and raising a large family. My expertise is in data analysis and global logistics. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn if you like.

The wife and I like to experience new things and enjoy time together. The picture to the right is of Stingray City, Grand Cayman. A little sandbar in the Cayman Islands where stingrays have gathered for many years. We swam with them and even gave them a kiss. Check out more information here.

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